Soapbox EOI  Soap Box Studio Term 1 flyer

Newcastle Scratch Academy  provides a safe but age and interest appropriate setting for young people to identify their feelings, share stories and create positive alternatives that build each individual’s ability to improve their daily functioning.

Engagement with musical based activities can have a significant impact on people’s health, well being and social contentedness.

NSA  teaches a specific skills base set i.e. writing, recording, promotion, organisation .

These skills are personally and intellectually challenging and the purpose is to teach young people a variety of skills that they can then transfer to other areas of their life (home, work, school) by utilising a format they feel comfortable with.

Teamwork, communication, leadership, decision making and organisational skills can all be adapted to a variety of settings and will also give young people tangible skills to create new pathways and friendships of their choice.

NSA uses a variety of music styles and tailors its teaching style to suit the individual.

Sessions can be short or longer (1-3 hours) depending on the person’s ability to engage and any physical constraints.

NSA has been providing musical workshops and one to one sessions in schools, at youth events and venues and to the general public for over 5 years in the Newcastle Lake Macquarie area.

NSA is committed to providing a fun and supportive introduction to music and its benefits.

Soap Box 2.0 Tuesdays from 4.00pm